We are dedicated to helping companies in the cannabis industry in the areas of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and devices identify, expand, create, evaluate, and monetize on, their intellectual property (IP) and/or business portfolios. From the technological to the management and commercial facets, we help business leaders understand, advance, and exploit their IP positions, devise a strategy that lets them better evaluate their landscape.


We specialize in delivering comprehensive solutions for inventors and businesses allowing them to properly evaluate, protect and use their ideas and developments with their existing as well as new cannabis related products, services, and/or processes. Innovative startups, established corporations, and other IP-driven small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the cannabis industry turn to us for guidance when considering their IP choices. 


Having been in the field of IP for over 14 years, including as a patent examiner for three years at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (UPTO), Parithosh K. Tungaturthi, Ph.D., J.D., the founder of LexKannabis LLC and a registered patent agent, has been on the cutting edge of intellectual property and business development for over 15 years. He has an extensive understanding of challenges related to formulating and executing global IP strategies faced by the growing cannabis industry, including relevant FDA related aspects.


LexKannabis'  expertise lies in efficient and effective management of Intellectual Property (IP) and Business Development (BD) portfolios for SMEs including strategies for product development and life cycle management. Our experience in the Cannabis related pharma and biotech industry over the years uniquely positions us to assist companies comprehensively evaluate the available data, and distill information that can be used to shape their IP and/or BD strategies within the context of the competitive market.


We offer competitive and flexible cost structures, including low hourly rates and/or fixed fees, in addition to contingency fee, bonus based on holdback and equity payment. We will provide you upfront cost estimate for each and every project, allowing you to have a clear understanding and realistic expectations in all aspects of the project..


At LexKannabis, you will receive a personalized attention, including conducting regular meetings / phone calls with various intellectual property and business development team members, including scientists and marketing group, at the company to discuss status of ongoing projects, prospective projects, and set deadlines for follow up actions for each project discussed. We work closely with the business, legal, and technical staffs within each company, study existing and developing portfolios, and develop clear and concise strategy that best aligns with their business objectives.

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