Strong intellectual property (IP) protection has been essential to the advancement of technology and remains key to its continued progress. Effectively managing the IP portfolio can mean the difference between success and failure for businesses.

A thorough technical knowledge in the areas of cannabis pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and devices, combined with over 14 years of experience in intellectual property matters, enables LexKannabis play an important role in creating a robust intellectual property portfolio for IP-centric companies in the cannabis industry.

We strive to add value from the invention mining/invention disclosure stage by collaborating with the company's scientific contributors to understand the scope of the developed invention. We also seek to effectively communicate the achievements of our clients’ inventions to the USPTO and convey the boundaries and advantages of the inventions during the patent prosecution process.

We are recognized for our experience in a broad range of technologies, including in the areas of related pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Our technical expertise spans the areas of Pharmaceuticals, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology and Plant Breeding technology, Genetic Engineering, Formulations, Specialty Drug Products, Drug Delivery, Medical Devices, Genetically Modified Plants and Microorganisms, Herbicides and Pesticides, Industrial Enzymes, Pharmacogenomics, Polymer Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Biomaterial, Biofuels, Biopolymers, and Nutraceuticals.

Intellectual Property

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