The importance of business development and licensing functions has grown significantly over the past 25 years in the global market. Many startups to established companies have sought to supplement their internal research and development with innovative products and technologies sourced from partner companies.

Creating a long term value is key in business development. With a thorough understanding of the impact of such values in the cannabis industry, including in the areas of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and devices, LexKannabis is specially placed in helping startups to established companies industry in searching, evaluating and successfully negotiating business deals. From planning to adding for growth, allocation of funds, competitive awareness/advantage and business process improvement, LexKannabis helps companies in various countries by providing effective business development services specifically tailored to their need.

At LexKannabis, we believe that strategic thinking (seeing the big picture of your business and the specific channels to its growth among changing consumer trends and competition) and business acumen (a clear understanding all options to generate revenue, and knowing how and when to put the measures in place that increase profitability) are fundamental in shaping powerful strategies for organizational growth.


We take a multidisciplinary approach to the subject, bringing innovation, business, legal and network management perspectives together, and have a proven track record of providing effective strategic approaches to manage and market companies' portfolio(s).

Our services include identifying opportunities, relationship building, project management, research & analysis, competitive intelligence, communication, public speaking, product education, content marketing, budget development, and industry/company/client-specific marketing strategie. 


We thrive in helping companies in the cannabis industry around the globe in strategically positioning them in the market with a competitive edge and continue to expand their business portfolio(s).

Business Development

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